It’s 9am and I’m working as I do every morning. Suddenly I remember, it’s Mother’s Day! I can’t help but reflect on motherhood – Tasha is not even two BUT it feels like I’ve been a mummy forever! In fact, sometimes I have to think if an event happened before OR after she was born coz honestly I can’t remember much about the past like I used to. It really seems like ages since I’ve been my own person. A clear indication of how consumed I’ve been in this mummy world, right?

So anyway, this Mother’s Day I woke up to a text from Tasha and her daddy wishing me a great day! The text was sent at 1am in the morning so obviously one was awake that time and thought to send the text. It’s the thought that counts, right. Such a sweet thing, I can’t help but smile.

Inside me, I’m laughing sheepishly. The reason being that I purchased my own present. LOL. Yeah you can laugh too!

A few weeks ago I decided I was doing such a great job as a mummy and no one can really understand it the way I do, so I thought I’d reward myself with a present (from Tasha, of course. I know she’ll thank me when she’s older!). So I bought something and didn’t open it.

Till today, on Mother’s Day. It’s 3 pairs of beautiful stockings I bought online. I can justify it further and say they were on special, and I thought Tasha wouldn’t know what to get mummy on Mother’s Day so I did what I do best, i.e do it for her. LOL.

Anyway, as I continue to work, I get a text message from one of my best friends in Australia. Seriously, this touched my heart! Mandy is one of those friends I’ve had for a few years but we don’t live in the same country. You know that friend who’s faraway but you get along so well that despite the distance you find yourselves sharing lots over the phone. Talking for hours like you live next door to each other?! Well, that’s her. Anyway, here’s what her text said:

Happy Mother’s Day my friend Tendai. You’re an epitome of motherhood. You have done well my friend, Enjoy today and walk with your chin up knowing that you are a giant”.

This made my heart melt. If you’re not sure why it touched my heart, please message me and I’ll explain to you…

And as the day goes, more and more messages from friends and relatives come through and I send a few to people I appreciate and admire. Then comes another message that also touched my heart. This is from a good friend, a beautiful woman I simply love. Tina’s message read:

“Happy Mother’s Day to you my dear. May you have the most wonderful day as you celebrate the joys of motherhood. God bless you!”

Ummm! Beautiful, right!?

So with all this happening, I began to think, it’s early years for me as a mama but I’m getting some sweet, encouraging and touching messages. I must thank whoever came up with this concept of Mother’s Day. For some reason, this Mother’s Day is different, it’s special, but yet simple. HOWEVER, I learnt a few things which I thought I’d share. They are as follows:

  1. Not only am I proud to be a mama, but I’m also proud of my own mother for raising me the way she did. So a big shout out to my own mom! “Thank you!”. Everytime I hear this song Sweet mother, I’m unable to speak.  


  1. When they say a person is a person coz of the people, they’re right. One cannot raise their children on their own. It’s the support of those around us, the laughs we share, those people who take a moment to see how we’re doing, or offer advice, or correct us when we’re wrong. I have such.

To my family & friends (you know yourselves) – You rock! I love you and I’m glad you’re in my life.

  1. Children may be too young or too proud to show or tell their mothers how much they love and appreciate them BUT they do. I know this coz I used to be one of them. Too cool to say mum I love you or give her a hug around people. In my defence, they were teenage hormones.! Lol, yeah right!

But today I realised, Tasha might be too little to really understand some things but she loves me. She shows me in soo many ways – those cuddles and kisses. Heck, I was the first she ever reached for! Mum-mum was one of the first words. And she runs to me everytime something goes wrong. Pure sweet love, right?

 To Tasha – I love you and I love you!


 Above: Tasha and me

  1. A parent is rightly the first teacher. As parents we sometimes miss this part BUT we’re constantly teaching, even when we’re not saying. Seeing Tasha imitate me, from the way I talk/laugh on the phone, how I walk around with car keys, looking for those items she’s hidden just before we leave the house, to saying “bless you” when someone sneezes – it’s like staring at a before image of me, lol. Little things tell me she’s watching, and I’m always teaching. Should I swear, she will too. So better get my “good girl hat” on and wear it permanently.


  1. Until one becomes a mother, one can’t fully understand her own mother’s sacrifices. Honestly I’m still finding this one hard to grasp. I haven’t been a mom many years but I find this to be so true. Growing up, I thought everything my mother did she was supposed to and she had the right to prioritize me, coz I was important right! Now I realise the sacrifices she made were way more than I thought. A lot went unsaid for fear of sounding like she’s bragging, but she did way more than I can ever imagine. So when I feel like I’m “sacrificed out”, I remind myself of her. And I quickly get a grip. I’m not unique – I’m a mother!


  1. Noone will ever know the strength of a mother’s love to her children except the children. You know when they say the bond between a mother and child is unbreakable? It’s true. Seriously, a child is the only one who knows the sound of her mother’s heart from the inside. RIGHT?! So he/she knows the strength of her love.

So this Mother’s Day, not only did I focus on myself, but I honoured other mothers too. Most importantly, my own mother! I did it in ways that ONLY I was aware of (my own little secret). For a while there, I sat and reflected and came up with that thing I will do each year, secretly, in honour of her.

To all women who’ve mothered children, raised children, or have been there for children – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


Would love to hear how you honoured the important women in your life this Mother’s Day. And if you’re a mom yourself – how you enjoyed this day.  



64 thoughts on “6 Things I Learnt This Mother’s Day

  1. So lovely. I reached out to my momma friends that were likely struggling for whatever reason. I’m one of them and I tried to do what I would appreciate.


    • Way to go mymommaheart! There’re so many moms out there who’d love someone to acknowledge or show some appreciation so you doing what you’d have wanted someone to do for you was a super nice gesture! A small thing goes a long way!


  2. HA! I love that you bought your own gift. I did this last year because I really want a certain necklace and I knew if I didn’t get it, it wouldn’t be exactly what I wanted. SO I told my husband, I’m buying this, so you don’t need to worry about it!!

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  3. What beautiful sentiments. Every year I ask my husband to let the kids craft something for me. One year I ended up with a printed sheet of paper that he photoshopped saying number one mom. I guess he didn’t understand. So this year I bought two flower planter painting sets for three dollars each off the target bargain aisle. I had my girls paint them, and then we placed our plants in the soil. Finally something handcrafted…from them. 🙂 Sometimes Us mamas just have to steer our children in the right direction, they’ll thank us later. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG, I soooo laughed reading your response. “A printed sheet of paper”… I’m not surprised at all! Usually the things we want or would appreciate, we don’t get so totally agree with your idea of steering them in the right direction. It’s something I will do coz yes she’ll thank me later AND I’ll be happy too. I avoided disappointment by buying my own this time around. xx


  4. Good advice and good post! Your daughter is beautiful and cute. 🙂 My mom is wonderful too–she has made many sacrifices for myself and my sibling..and is always thinking of others before herself. Glad you too have a mother who you can pattern yourself after to raise your daughter Tasha.

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  5. First of all I hope you had a wonderful mother’s day! Secondly, I love the “A parent is rightly the first teacher.” This is 100% true, your children will be influenced by you in milllions of ways. Continued sucess and love wth motherhood

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  6. Very well said, such a lovely way to honour mums. I’m a new mum, my son is almost 10 months and I underestimated motherhood and all I heard about it, until I became a mummy myself ❤️ Best feeling ever! Thank you for this post

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