With Valentine’s Day here, some are already stuck for ideas. “Should it be a night out?”, “would flowers be sufficient?”, “should I take it easy?”, or maybe “I wanna go all out. Where do I get something cool & different?”.

If you know me well, you’ll know I also have a deep love for gifts. I’m one of those people who gets excited when it’s time for gift exchange – whatever the occasion!

Some say “it’s the thought that counts”. For me, especially when I’m the giver, the actual gift counts too. That’s why I’m always looking for places to buy nice gifts.

So recently, I came across this site Uncommongoods. Talk of fun, unusual, and nifty gifts, they’ve got them all! Honestly! That is why the site got my attention!

Not only do they sell gifts but for those who’re environmentally conscious, you’ll be pleased to know they sell recycled, handmade and organic products. AND if you love donating to charity like me, (I can hear you cheerful givers!), they have a programme that allows you to select a not-for-profit organization of your choice at check-out and they’ll receive a $1 donation from them. Kewl, right?!

Anyway, I realised I could set the bar with my gifts from this site. The price range is pocket friendly too so you can guarantee the gift is not only appreciated but it goes without pinching your pocket.

If you want to join me in making your loved one’s day go from drab to fab, check out their selection of gifts for Valentine’s.

As a way of helping you shop smarter, here are a few items to check out:

  1. Safe or Same old

One can never go wrong with the gift of jewelry, right! Uncommongoods have a great collection that includes both handmade and inspirational. These can also be personalized – how cool is that!

inspirational jewelry - Under the same moon pendant

  1. Slightly unusual

Perhaps you’ve been with your loved one for a while and are starting to run out of options. OR he/she’s on the, umm, … demanding side and you never know exactly what to buy. Well, think something for the home instead of a personal item. A gift of home decoration items could be appreciated especially by those who “have it all”.

Some are starting to say it’s not just about lovers, it’s about expressing love to those you love – could be best friend, parents, kids, basically anyone you love.

Items for the home would also work if you’re buying for that loved one who isn’t necessarily a spouse or partner.

Home decor image - cloudy day toilet paper storage

  1. Simply Unique

Sometimes it’s those unique, unusual, or uncommon items that melt our hearts! See their wonderful collection of some uncommon items.

unique gifts - love vase

Cool stuff, right?!

Wait there’s more! If you’re not even sure what to buy or don’t really have the time to browse through, BUT you know your recipient’s likes, they’ve even created a gift guide expert. Yep!

Give Sunny a try !


Here’s to wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day gift shopping!!!

Have you ever purchased from Uncommongoods? If so, which ones did you purchase/like? And if not, would you consider buying from them? I’d love to know in the comments below xoxo

NB: Uncommongoods have sent me some of their products (thank you Uncommongoods!). However, readers please note that all statements, opinions and thoughts on everything that is featured on this blog is entirely of my own. Check out my full disclosure policy here


70 thoughts on “Unique Gifts for Valentine! No breaking the bank

  1. There are some really good ideas here – I hate the tacky stuff that you see in a lot of shops! I also agree, it’s the thought that counts – in fact, some years my partner and I don’t bother getting anything other than a card!


  2. My husband will be traveling – on a work trip – on Valentine’s Day… So I actually purchased some things via INSTA CART for him and they will be HOPEFULLY in his hotel room when he gets there tonight. I really hope it all works out – ha! That’s my little Valentine’s Day GIFT for him 😉


  3. No breaking the bank are the key words here. I think that Valentine’s Day is so overrated, because love should be celebrated every day, not on a commercial date.


  4. So bad, but I don’t have anything planned for Valentine’s Day, and it’s tomorrow! I’ve come across uncommongoods in the past, they have really nice stuff!


    • It’s interesting how time goes fast and before you know it you need to get a present for someone for something, right? I’ve started buying presents well in advance and putting a reminder notice in phone to say “present is in/at such such” otherwise I forget!
      And i agree – Uncommongoods have really nice stuff!


  5. Those are some pretty cool uncommon items that you have there. I really like the look of those things that are so original. I am sure I wouldn’t love all of the things they sell but I am going to definitely check them out now.


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