So, since this week is my birthday week, I thought it’d be fun to share a few things about me. While I share a lot on my blogs, there’re other things not many know, and there’re questions I’m repeatedly asked so I’ve tried to answer them below. Aaand, here we go:

  1. My (nick)name Tee came from my sister who’s 2years older than me. She couldn’t pronounce my full name so she shortened. I’ve been called that ever since I remember!
  2. I can’t stand butter or margarine on bread/sandwich/toast. AND I don’t “get” mushroom.bread-and-butter-2
  3. As a child I loooved boiled eggs. Surprisingly, I also craved them when I was pregnant… And SO lil’ T loves them too!
  4. I had a crazy, unreasonable fear of the dark as a child. And as an adult, I still hate it! I’m happy to sleep with the light on IF I have to choose between a pitch black room and lights on! I guess I still need my night light, lol!
  5. My mum and I have the same birthday.
  6. I was a prefect in primary school. Not because I had outstanding(ish) leadership characteristics, but I was just quiet and well-behaved. Yes, hard for K-Man to believe, I know! 
  7. I loved public speaking when I was younger (but I hate it as an adult). I actually recited a poem for our President when he once visited my hometown…
  8. My favourite age was 15. I don’t really know why but I think it’s coz I wasn’t young enough to be called a kid, but not old enough to be called an adult – being in-between was cool. AND I didn’t care much!
  9. I was very short as a kid. Always (I mean always) the smallest in my class. Till I turned 14 and I gained both weight and height! Now I’m considered tall…
  10. My favourite author, and I’ve read all his books is Sydney Sheldon. Jodi Picoult and Marian Keyes are competing for number 2.
  11. I don’t smoke. Never have and never will!
  12. I’m the youngest of two.
  13. My sister and I have a secret language. When we really need to discuss important/private matters and there‘re people around us, we switch to our language. It’s very private and no one has ever discovered.
  14. I hate buying things for full price. I love sales coz they save me tones of dough. sales
  15. One of the few celebrities I ever met face-to-face was the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key. Even got a photo with him, which went viral at my workplace!! Let’s just say, I have connections. [chuckle]
  16. Of all things in the world, my body chose to be allergic to beetroot! Lucky I don’t even think about it, except when I get asked, “are you allergic to anything?” … So, please don’t speak ill of me when I pass on those beetroot sammies. beetroot-2512479__340
  17. I easily get bored SO I’m always looking for the next interesting thing to spark my curiosity.
  18. I’m sociable, and love to network BUT I keep my circle of friends small. Loyalty and trust are important to me. It’s not a numbers game.
  19. I come from a long line of business owners. It’s no surprise I’ve always been business-minded!
  20. If I was stuck in a desert and had to choose 1 food item, it’d be avocado! I just can’t get enough of them.
  21. My favourite role in life is being a mother. Nothing else can measure up!
  22. I dislike checking voice mail messages. If you miss me on phone, I prefer you text or email! That’s what I usually do!
  23. Sometimes, I talk to myself. A habit that came with being a mum – you know how they encourage you to talk to your little ones from birth?
  24. My favourite place is the beach. The ocean itself is my happy place, I find solace when I take a walk there. In fact, I may have met an angel there once!
  25. My favourite meal is salmon. I like it grilled with anything nice on the side. Salmon

Well, what else is there to tell? You have it all! Hope this was fun to read.

PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOU! I’d love to know some random facts about you too. I find it funny and intriguing to read what people find random about themselves. So hope you can take a moment to comment below. xo.


39 thoughts on “25 Facts About Me

  1. Oh wow I didn’t know you could be allergic to beatroot lol. Does that mean you have to be careful about things that are dyed red? I think a lot of companies use beat for that. Love that you share your bday with your mama- what a great birthday present! My first is 3 days after my bday and I would have loved to share it.


    • Yes, it’s a strange one (allergy). and yeah I have to be careful when i buy clothes items that are red – not all of them use beet to dye but some… Sharing my birthday with my mum is really cool. Growing up my dad went all out for “our” birthday so I’ve always enjoyed. Guess that’s why even as an adult I start celebrating way before! lol


  2. It was so interesting reading all these things about you and it looks like we have the same taste in authors. I love Sidney Sheldon and Jodi Picoult. Ah man her books always seem to tug at the heart strings. Happy birthday to you and your mum BTW. Hope you both have an amazingly awesome day.

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    • Glad to hear someone else loves that combo of authors. I can’t seem to get enough of Jodi’s books BUT everytime I look for them in the library they’re all out. An indication she’s on demand. I guess I just have to buy all her books, lol.. Thanks for the birthday wishes xx

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  3. Allergic to beetroot is a new one! I’m allergic to mushrooms and like you, even with being vegetarian, I rarely even think about it! If I was stuck in a desert I’d choose an iPod with music on… I hate total silence for long periods of time! ha!


  4. That is so brave of you to share such intimate facts about you. 25 facts is any indication to your Age Celebration? And about the beetroots, never knew one could be allergic to it. Always learning. Loved reading your post. Happy Birthday.


    • i had soo many facts but just decided to settle with 25. No indication at all, lol! … Yeah the beet allergy is very random yet true! You don’t wanna be around me when I react to it – it’s ugly!


  5. Nice to meet you! I don’t think I’ve run into beet root, unless that’s just beets in general. So cool to meet the former Prime Minister of New Zealand! I also love salmon.


  6. Oh i love avocados too! Literally can not get enough of them! Also sharing your birthday with your mother is so cool! My parents and my sisters, we all share anniversaries literally a day apart! so we usually celebrate it together!


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