Becoming a mama especially for the first time can be overwhelming! A lot of us moms want things to be perfect, and we want to be well-prepared for our little one’s arrival, however, it can be challenging to know exactly what one needs. Despite the market being flooded with items, it’s not every item you see that you NEED. Some are more wants than needs.

The following 14 items are must-haves for any new moms.

  1. Diapers

A Good stash of diapers is a necessity for any new mom. Whether you’re using disposable or reusable, it goes without saying that you’ll use up diapers like they’re going out of fashion especially the first few weeks/months. So it’s always advisable to buy as many as you can.

A good way of ensuring you do so is to keep an eye out for specials and buy them when you’re doing your grocery shopping.

  1. Wipes

Of course some people will use wet flannels to wipe their baby bottoms BUT wipes always come in handy especially when you’re out and abouts. They’re easily disposable, and you can wipe your hands too after changing your baby  or surfaces before changing so they serve numerous purposes.

huggies baby wipes

Fragrance free options are great!

3. Clothing

It goes without saying that your baby will need clothes. A good selection consists of onsies, rompers, socks/booties, hats, pyjamas, undertops/vests, sweaters and jackets, no-scratch mittens, and depending on weather, you can have fleece suits and thermals or swim wear.

4. (Good) Diaper Bag

When new mums ask what a good diaper bag looks like or has, I always say it’s one that’s designed to carry every item you need – from milk bottles, spare clothes, blankets etc. A great diaper bag will keep you organized.

We used this one (pictured below) as it came with extras like a smaller bag (real handy), milk bottle container etc. The colour is neutral too meaning any parent (mum or dad) can confidently carry it.

nappy bag

5. Change Mats

These are essential when out and abouts as not every place has clean/comfortable places to change babies. A lot of public bathrooms now have change stations BUT no change mats and since you don’t want your child laying on public surfaces, a change mat will be essential.

Some diaper bags (ours did) come with change mats and that’s always good. A good one is easy to fold and pack in a bag, big enough for the baby to lay on without compromising other parts, and isn’t bulky.


6. Change Table

Changing babies on the bed or floor is OK but if you have to change numerous times a day, it might hurt your back no matter how well you bend. A change table is usually the right height ensuring you don’t bend to change but you do so standing.

Some, like our little one’s (pictured below), come with a bath tub and has many compartments for all those essentials which makes it a very good and safe option.

change table

7. Carseat / capsule 

In most countries, babies are not allowed to leave hospital without a carseat. In NZ, they have to use an approved restraint appropriate for their age and size.

A good carseat is a MUST. There’re many options out there, from just ordinary capsules for babies to ones that can be adjusted (as appropriate) from newborn, infancy to toddlerhood. It’s important to do some research and check warranty options prior to purchasing one.


8. A front pack/carrier

A lot of people nowadays use baby slings or wraps. These are soo good as they keep the baby close to chest, tucked in as if they’re in the womb – which is great for bonding and keeping babies warm. They also allow you to be hands-free so you can carry on with your work.

I also found this helpful when around lots of people who wanted to touch/kiss bubs (It’s not everyone/everytime you want people kissing little one).

So we used this moby wrap from when my daughter was little till she grew out of it. I’d use it again if I were to have another child as it was great for us.

2015-10-14 09.59.56 (4)

9. A porta-crib / playpen

Bassinets are the most commonly used for babies to sleep in their first few months especially as they’re easily transferrable and can be placed right by the parents’ bed.

Another good option is a porta-crib / playpen.  This has more than one use. You can get one that has a bassinet option so your little one can sleep in when they’re little. As they grow older, you can use it when you travel (it’s easy to fold and transport) and later they can use it as a playpen.

We got one (graco brand – pictured below) with a change station (so diapers/creams etc weren’t far and changing was a matter of shifting from bassinet area to change area). And it can be used as a play pen when little one has transferred to cot. Good value for money, right?


10. A baby monitor

A baby monitor is essential especially when you want your little one to sleep without you watching him/her the whole time. A good one has a video option coz not only can you hear when your baby wakes up, but you can check on them without going in. A lot of moms fear for SID and having the option to check on your baby without walking into their room put many mums’ minds at ease.

Our video one also came with a temperature detector meaning we didn’t need a separate room thermometer (which in my opinion is another necessity). With this one, I’d always know my little one’s room temperature. Should temperatures drop/increase below/above a certain recommended temperature, I’d know from the beeping sounds and I could adjust room temperature as necessary. Cool right!

This uniden baby monitor (pictured below) was perfect for our needs.Uniden Baby Monitor

11. Muslin Cloths

Muslin cloths are great for emergencies. I carried these all the time as I could use them as burp cloths, I used them as wipes (baby face) or for any spills. I still take a couple each time we go out so I can use to wipe off any mess my daughter creates or she can lay on them meaning extra protection on whatever she’s laying on.

12. Internet / Mobile Apps

Moms can sometimes feel isolated especially when they’re new/first-time moms with a few of their friends working. In winter especially, it’s hard to get out and make new friends or merely get some fresh air. With internet at home either on computer or phone, you can connect with other moms around the world via parenting websites, facebook groups, blogs etc. You can also stay connected to your friends/family which means you won’t feel as isolated as you would without technology.

The other thing about connecting with mums who have babies your age, i.e born around the same months, you’ll most likely be going through the same thing at the same time so you can compare notes, ask questions etc. The world doesn’t have to be a lonely place!

13.Nipple Cream

As soon as a person tells me they plan on breastfeeding, I recommend a good nipple cream. Anyone who has breastfed (or tried breastfeeding) will know how difficult it can be in the first few days especially when it’s your first child. Nipples can get sore, chipped, cracked etc BUT a good nipple cream will solve these problems for you.

This, commonly used one in NZ, Lanolin cream was a life saver for me. Not only was it effective BUT I didn’t have to wipe it off when feeding my child.

nipple cream


If you wanna get out with your little one – to the park, mall or just anywhere walking/running, you’ll need a stroller! Some nowadays have their capsule or space to attach one which is great especially when your baby is little. A good one will also come with things like cup/bottle holder, a rain/sun protection, and is easy to manoeuvre/push. Folding away should be easy too and it should fit in your car without problems.

I love taking my little one for walks in her stroller coz I get to meet other mums while at it and stop for chats etc. At the mall, I can always try on clothes if I want to without worrying about my little one’s safety.


SO, if you’re expecting or know of someone who’s expecting a child but not sure where to start with the preparations, I hope this list comes in handy.

Please note, this is NOT a sponsored post.

Would love to hear from you whether you’re expecting OR “been there, done that”! Is this helpful? Would it have been helpful if you were pregnant? Please comment below.


19 thoughts on “Top 14 Essential Items For Every New Mom

  1. This list seem must more simpler that what people make it out to be. I do not have kids but this make me feel more comfortable when I do come to that point, I will share it with others that is having a baby.


  2. Oh I would agree that front packs are a must!! That is how I carried our daughter for most of her first year. It just made doing things so much easier!


  3. Wow .. I like this article.. I was thinking of this topic for my next blog .. but this article is so good that I am gonna drop the idea and think of some other topic.. I can do no more than this


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