SO, when I first heard that the human body can store up to 20 pounds (9kg) of excess waste and toxins I was horrified! Just the thought of me potentially storing even 5 pounds or 5kgs of excess waste scared me! Although most people do not have this much stored, it’s still scary right?

Well, that’s why I became interested in ridding these toxins from my body.

If you search online, you’ll find two main options listed – a colon cleanse and a body detox. And like me, you may ask – what’s the difference, or which one is better, or easier even?

For the most part, you will find many similarities between the two, colon cleanse and body detox.  But you will also see some differences, e.g both are designed to eliminate toxins from our bodies but the approach taken is different.  With a body cleanse the whole body is targeted, including the colon.  With a colon cleanse, only the colon is targeted.

So, which approach is right for you depends!  But here’re things to take into consideration. to look at to help you with your decision.

First, what’s your goal / end results – if your goal is to remove the extra waste which may be causing you to carry around excess pounds, a colon cleanse is your best option as this specifically targets the excess weight in your track.

Although some (like me) are horrified to hear they may have a lot of waste built-up in their bodies, that is not the only reason for a cleanse or detox.  Detoxification has a number of benefits, including:

  • improvement in skincare
  • increased energy, and
  • an overall feeling of wellbeing.

If any/all of these 3 are your goal, a whole body detox is your best option.

Second – how you intend to go about it can also determine if a whole body cleanse or colon cleanse is right for you.

There are a number of options with colon cleanses – some are cheap and some expensive. Cheap options can be things like saltwater flush or over-the-counter products, pills or drink mixes.  In most cases, all of these products will work, but you may find them to be costly.  A drink mix, which tends to work faster than pills, can cost up to $50 for one serving!

spirulina-drink mix

In keeping with costs, some people may find a whole body detox to be a more affordable option. Although over-the-counter products are available for sale, many turn to water fasting, juice fasting, and the Master Cleanse. If you’re not familiar with the Master Cleanse, I’m no expert on this so I won’t try to explain in detail. But you can find more about it here.

Out of the three, the Master Cleanse will be the most expensive, as you need to purchase ingredients to go with it. Not only do body detoxes tend to be cheaper, but remember they target the whole body, including the colon.


So the main difference between the two is that colon cleanses tend to work faster than whole body detoxes as you’re targeting a specific area of your body.  As nice as this sounds, you need to take your daily routine into consideration.  A colon cleanse in a drink format should produce results in 1 hour or less.  At this point in time, you will find yourself running to the bathroom.  For that reason, a colon cleanse is recommended for at-home use only.

colon cleanse pills

Pills tend to work over a period of time (between 7 to 30 days).  Throughout that time, you will notice a pattern in your bathroom habits, making it easy to go about your daily routine.

So, whether you should undergo a colon cleanse or a whole body detox is totally up to you. However, if you have the time to devote to a body detox and have the ability to forego solid foods, you may experience the best results.

Ever tried either one of these? If so, what were your experiences? Please share your thoughts/comments.


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17 thoughts on “Colon Cleanse OR Body Detox? Differences and similarities explained

  1. Great information. I’ve done a whole body cleanse, but it has been a while. I’m definitely going to do some more research after reading this. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow, this was startling: ” the human body can store up to 20 pounds (9kg) of excess waste” Makes the idea of a cleanse pretty compelling


    • True Vibeke! Making it a regular thing is a great idea. I once had a parasite too and now realise the importance of staying healthy and washing my body of all toxins every now and then! 🙂


  3. I have never done a cleanse before. I also had no idea how much waste and toxins the body can hold onto. Talk about horrifying!


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